Thinking of Selling?

Stop Kidding Bob...No one consistently sells above list price

Skilled Negotiators. Results Matter.

Robert & Christy's Listing's Sold at or above List price.
Below are year total averages:
2018: We just begun!
2017: 100.57%
2016: 100.5%
2015: 100.2%
2014: 100%
2013: 104%
2012: 104%
2011: 102%
2010: 101%
2009: 100%

Averages of Realtors for same time frame are 95-98%.
Robert & Christy put more money in their Seller's pockets.

It's not the market, its the negotiations.

note: all homes are listed AT Market Value

Our most frequent requests from Homeowners are....

"How much is my Home worth?" & "How is the Market doing?"

Well, we just implemented a new tool called Market Snapshot that allows you to view how the market is and what the value of your home is in your neighborhood. This information is up-to-the-minute data supplied from the MLS and formatted into easy to understand graphics and charts.

Please Click here to get the Most Recent Value of Your Home. Once you fill in the simple form you will have the information immediately supplied to you within minutes.

Of course, if you are looking for a very detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home, please contact us and we can provide that to you as well. We are here to help and be an information resource for any real estate need you have.

Avoiding Foreclosure Resource Center

During this critical time for homeowners and the housing market, this resource center provides one-stop shopping to help borrowers avoid foreclosure and keep their homes whenever possible. If you know of someone is in this challenge, direct them to this resource to help them out.

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