GREAT NEWS in 2010!

FHA waives the 90 day Flip Rule for 1 year beginning Feb 1, 2010. This will allow investor owned properties to be purchased by buyers with FHA loans without having to wait the 90 days. Investors, this will increase your bottom line as you have a greater opportunity to have your property be looked at and bid on by a lot larger buyer pool from day 1. This will also reduce your holding costs. For our blog article go here: Robert & Christy's Blog FHA Waives 90 day flip rule

For details on those conditions and further information directly from the source at HUD, cick the button below
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  • Using the experience of Robert & Christy Thompson
Fannie & Freddie are allowing investors to purchase up to 10 investment properties (720 FICO, 75% LTV)
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Looking for a Good Deal in Corona or Riverside?

Are your investment goals for Buy & Hold (Rental) or for flipping?

We will update this page weekly to address the various aspects of Investment Property. For now, The average Price per Square Foot for a Single Family residence in Corona is ~$150.00sf.

The homes listed below by clicking the link are under $100.00sqft in Corona OR Riverside.

Give us a call or email us and we can share how the numbers work out.